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Good Afternoon and welcome to the Vale for today’s VanaramaConference South match against Basingstoke Town.  Whilst Basingstoke’s audacious bid to bring Ronaldinho to the club failed and with it shattering the hopes of dreams of singing “It’s just like watching Brazil”, Wealdstone’s performances have been getting much better.

I have been incredibly impressed with the support that you the fans have showed the team in recent weeks. Only at Wealdstone would a 2-0 defeat in a FA Cup replay, where although we were down to 10 men we were a little bereft of ideas, be followed by a sold out supporters club coach to Weston. Those fans showed dedication when their team needed them and were rewardedwith a 2-1 win. Perhaps we should run coaches to home games?It is times like these when my pride to be associated with our club is at its greatest. I was working that day and therefore could not attend so I have yet to see us win but don’t worry I’m working again today so let’s hope for our 1st home win of the season against the league leaders.

Moving onto club shop matters we have quite a bit going on and I’m sorry but I have to use the ‘c’ word in October. Yes, I know that it is early but there is no better time to think about what you really want over the festive period. If you are the kind of person that gets badgered into what you want for Christmas by loved ones, then send them over to the megastore website. Or you could always get them to come down to the shop when we are open to pick the items up in person at a match or on a Sunday closer to Christmas (exact dates and times TBC)

We have the new away kit in stock and it’s so new that even the 1s team have not worn it yet. This is a massive coup for the megastore but don’t forget that these are bespoke. This means that not only will no other club wear these colours in this style but there is a 12 week lead time so when they are gone we are not going to be able to restock quickly.

Other items are being listed weekly and thanks to former supporter of the year Neil Ranos the megastore website has been updated and there is even a mobile version for the rolling stone. These include the big news of the week, the home shirt is now available in 5XL especially for those out there who, err.. wellthere is more of them to love.

We have Elmslie Enders, Long Ball down the middle and programmes dated back to the 60’s from (in no particular order), Fulham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Watford. Most of these are donated to us and we are also on the lookout for things to sell. We turn over about £30 – £40 a week on EBay selling mostly non Wealdstone items to non Wealdstone fans! Add this up over the year and it is a very tidy sum that will go back to the main club.

The supporters club AGM is coming up soon so watch this space for further details. I do recommend coming down and seeing what it is all about as by name and nature it is your club built to serve you and I know that the committee welcome any questions (or criticism), you have.

If you haven’t already don’t forget to pick up your golden goal ticket from Mim at the gate and visit the megastore before, at half time or after the game.  P.S. Don’t forget that we know take credit cards.


Mark Randall

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