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Probably one of, if not the biggest announcements in recent years came on the 9th November 2023 with the news that;-

‘Wealdstone Football Club has announced outline plans – subject to planning – for a new 6,300 capacity stadium, with potential to expand further following the decision by London Borough of Hillingdon to allocate the National League club an 18-acre site at Freezeland Way, adjacent to the former Master Brewer Hotel in Hillingdon. ‘

Over the years I think we have all heard rumours of longer leases at Grosvenor Vale and the viability of moving to a new site in the Borough but to now reach this stage is a monumental step.

I doubt we can fully appreciate the amount of effort and work that has gone on behind the scenes and of course this news must be tempered with the realisation this is just the first step in a long journey but well done to Rory, Paul, the Board and I am sure many others who have been involved behind the scenes.

As supporters it is understandable that this news is also met with a small degree of trepidation but this is a massive opportunity which hopefully as a Club we can see through to fruition.

From a Supporters Club perspective we do feel that as the project moves forward that wherever possible there needs to be Supporter involvement, consultation, transparency and communication which is something we will press for.

Of course as a Supporters Club one of our fundamental purposes is to raise funds for the Club and we will be actively looking to explore new opportunities and expand on our current activities so as to maximise our contribution to the Club and to the cost of this project.

We also plan to document the journey ahead and provide an information hub to keep our fans and all those interested updated. Hopefully in years to come it will also be a record and diary of the journey.

Available information as it is added will run from top to bottom with the latest update directly below the timeline below. 

Timeline Summary – Key Events

16th November 2023
25th November 2023
Next step
Stadium Announcement
Announcement that subject to planning the London Borough of Hillingdon have allocated the Club an 18-acre site at Freezeland Way
Programme Update
Two page update in the matchday programme
Awaiting an announcement as to the likely timeline of the Project

Timeline detail

Latest update

Date: 25th November 2023

Source: Barnet Matchday Programme

Credit: Wealdstone FC 

Date: 10th November 2023

Source: London Borough of Hillingdon Statement

Council identifies land for Wealdstone FC to develop new stadium plans

Friday 10 November, 2023: Hillingdon Council has agreed to set aside an 18-acre plot of land in north Hillingdon to enable Wealdstone Football Club to draw up plans for a new stadium.

The news comes following a year of negotiations between the council and the local club, which has a healthy following in Hillingdon, to find a new home where they can pursue the club’s ambition of playing in the English Football League (EFL).

The land, on Freezeland Way, adjacent to the Master Brewer site, has been identified as potentially suitable for such a development with easy access to the A40 and Hillingdon station which runs alongside and away from core residential areas.

The club has publicised its intent to create a venue with a capacity to hold 6,300 fans as well as providing for parking, training and retail facilities.

At present, no plans have been finalised and any proposals for a new stadium would be subject to the club being able to find funding for the project, developing an acceptable plan and demonstrating a robust case that the project has significant benefits for the local community that goes beyond the core football function. 

Finally, a planning application would then need to be independently assessed through the council’s rigorous scrutiny processes.

The council has agreed not pursue any potential projects with the land for six-months while Wealdstone FC undertake feasibility studies, including funding availability and planning permission. Once they demonstrate that they are progressing with their proposals, the council has agreed to extend this by an additional six-months.

Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Hillingdon Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Properties, Highways and Transport, said: “The council has a proud history of strongly supporting the borough’s local sports clubs, including Wealdstone FC, which we know has a loyal and passionate fanbase in Hillingdon.

“This is potentially a great win for all residents, not just for local sports fans, as the club’s proposals have the potential to be a positive development that could bring many benefits to our borough.

“It’s a long road ahead but we look forward to hearing more detailed plans in due course, which will undoubtedly be an exciting prospect for the Stones’ fans.”

Read Wealdstone FC’s statement on the club’s website at

Credit: London Borough of Hillingdon

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Date: 9th November 2023

Source: Wealdstone FC Announcement

Club Statement: Club plans new stadium

Wealdstone Football Club has announced outline plans – subject to planning – for a new 6,300 capacity stadium, with potential to expand further following the decision by London Borough of Hillingdon to allocate the National League club an 18-acre site at Freezeland Way, adjacent to the former Master Brewer Hotel in Hillingdon.

The initial concept plan for the stadium incorporates high-level operational guidance from FIFA and UEFA and utilises best practice precedents from stadiums around the UK and Europe. In doing so it will offer an outstanding experience for fans, players and all those associated with the club. It will also incorporate all the complementary facilities expected from carefully designed and modern stadium. These will include administrative offices, training, retail, catering, media, hospitality and leisure facilities together with parking for those unable to travel to the ground by public transport.

The site has been selected with the needs of the club’s loyal fans front of mind. Situated only 2.7 miles from the Stones current home, The Vale in Ruislip, the stadium will have easy access to the A40 and M25 while its location adjacent to Hillingdon Underground Station will mean fans can travel to and from central London in just 35 minutes.

Wealdstone FC has always recognised and valued its role in the local community and is committed to ensuring that this new stadium, and the associated development, will provide a real community HUB. As such, the club will be looking to incorporate a range of facilities which we hope will include, a community hall, café, communal garden, play area and outside gym.

Commenting on the plans Wealdstone’s Chairman, Rory Fitzgerald, said: “London Borough of Hillingdon’s decision to allocate the club this land follows a long period of discussion and negotiation and will play an important role in safeguarding the future of the club and supporting its growth. On behalf of the Board, I would like to personally thank London Borough of Hillingdon for their support and we look forward to working closely with them as we take the project forward, subject to planning.

The new stadium is fantastic news not only for our fans and players but the whole local community. As we progress, we will ensure that we optimise the benefits for local residents while also working to minimise and mitigate any potential environmental impacts associated with a construction project of this size.

In addition, we are confident that the security and growth potential offered by the new stadium will help us attract the investment we need to realise our ambition of one day playing in the EFL.”

The Board is currently involved in a number of preliminary discussions regarding funding and remain open to approaches from those considering investment in what is set to be an exciting period of growth for the club. Funding for the construction of the stadium is also expected to be generated through the development of new residential units and associated commercial floorspace on an area of the site allocated by London Borough of Hillingdon. These modern and much needed properties will benefit from the same outstanding location and transport links associated with the new stadium.

The club is actively working with its partners to establish a feasible timeline in which to be playing in the new stadium. Separately the Board is continuing its discussions with the landlords of The Vale which remains firmly in the club’s plans as a facility to support its ambition to progress into the English Football League (EFL).

Credit: Wealdstone FC 

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