Congratulations to Nick Symmons, Jonathan Kingsley and Kevin London who have finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in our 2021-22 Predict-a-Score league

Been a great season for the Stones on the pitch and an exciting last few weeks to finalise our leaderboard.

Thank you to everyone who took part part, we will back again next season.

Nick Symmons44
Jonathan Kingsley41
Kevin London40
Quentin Fox39
Victor Klarfeld39
Guy Edwards39
John Young38
Stephen Aves35
Neil Rands35
Katrina Edwards35
Mick Ivers34
Adam Gloor34
Paul Harvey34
Guy Edwards33
Tony Platt33
Chris Woods32
Tim Parks32
James Klarfeld31
James Moran31
Euan McDonald31
Mark Lloyd29
Gerald Jacobs29
Adam Edwards29
Tom Coulson29
Paul Franklin28
Adam Corner28
Michael Burns27
Robert Matthews27
Michael Vincent27
Peter Drew27
Luca Rossetto27
Richard Clay27
Andrew Lane 27
Stuart Elder27
Steve Corner26
Ronnie Raffle26
Chris Andrews26
Toby Jackson26
Tony Short – Balbair Boy26
Kevin McSweeney26
Don Cross25
Dave Reader24
Duncan Penman24
Roge Slater24
Dan Booth24
Doug Robinson24
Rob Saville23
Ray Corner23
John Mayr23
Tony Short – Shortstuff23
Irene Paull23
Steve Paull22
Colin Bunner21
Bob Bangs21
David Leigh20
Alan Couch20
Lee Cross19