Become a #Stonestown volunteer

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Registering to help in your local community can really make a difference during these trying times. The current lockdown due to Coronavirus and the doubtless long recovery period for our community is one of the biggest challenges we are likely to face, and as a well known supermarket tell us, ‘Every little helps’.

There are already many excellent and established initiatives up and running both nationally and locally and of course there is now also the NHS volunteer scheme but there will always be a need to stock our local Foodbanks and assist those who find themselves in short term need for assistance.

We are not asking for any on-going level of commitment so even if you are only able to help out for say 20 minutes a month you can still make a difference, so please register.

Initially we are looking to build a register of volunteers across the Hillingdon, Harrow and Watford areas so we can look to start non contact doorstep food donations and look at options to assist vulnerable people around you who need short term assistance with one-off tasks should as prescription collection, dog walking or small errands.

Of course with the ever changing situation and to ensure we comply with Government guidance all initiatives will be subject to review.

So if you feel you can help please register here and we will be in touch