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Adam Edwards, The Supporters Club Megastore’s Manager writes in Saturday’s and Monday’s double-header programme for the Home matches against Thurrock and Ramsgate.


Good afternoon / evening one and all and welcome to The Vale for today’s League / League Cup games against Thurrock & Ramsgate. We trust you and your fellow fans have a pleasant stay here with us in the heart of Middlesex and also have time to share a drink with the supporters in the clubhouse after the game.

I am writing these notes on the morning after the Kingstonian game. Boy does it feel good to be sitting top of the league (if only for a few hours). Excluding a few seasons ago when we went top after two games (on account we had played two and everyone else had played one game) it is the first time I have been able to say that since I was in my teens (I have already celebrated the 12th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday). I know we are only just into the season but it is a great feeling and can only get worse from here. Despite this the first thing I did after the game was flick to the league table on the internet to see if it was true. How things have changed in those years since we straddled the summit of ICIS Division Three. Whilst the advances in technology are no doubt a great benefit in many respects I do miss the anticipation of waiting for the Harrow Observer to drop through the door each Thursday. I always looked forward to these days throughout the summer in order to see who we had signed, the latest goings on with regard to the appointment of a new manager and the like. I still remember the shock headline one week that announced Wealdstone had been approached by the ailing Hendon FC with a proposal to buy them and hence bring about a merger. Thank god we had no money either. I remember being so starved of Wealdstone Info other than match day programmes I used to read the Teamtalk magazine (which was always about a month out of date by the time it was printed) in case there was any news on the mighty Stones or league rivals. Despite the use of twitter and other multimedia these days I still found myself buying a copy of Football Lives magazine because there was a picture of Stuart Pearce on the cover and there might even be a chance he mentioned Wealdstone (he does by the way). It also acted as a good cover over the copy of Heat magazine I was purchasing for the wife.

Megastore Baby 2: The Rival – Congratulations must go to my fellow Megastore man Mark Randall (aka Whatmough), well his wife actually, who gave birth to Charlotte Susan Randall last Saturday (about the time Jolly put us one up against Bognor). Added to the stress of the day I know the whole family were down in Sittingbourne for Mark’s sister’s wedding when nature took control. As Footballing Godfather to Mark’s eldest Freddie I can assure you I will make sure she is instructed in the ways of Wealdstone just like her big brother. Well done to all the Randalls.

Megastore – If you have not already noticed almost all of the new Macron items available on match days are now available online. There is a selection of Adults and Kids sizes ranging from Extra Extra Small up to 5XL for our cuddlier Stones fan. As with buy anything from inside the Megastore on match days anything that is ordered online will then be ordered from the supplier according to the size / colour you specify. Please also note the instructions that appear describing each item as Macron sizes do come up small compared to UK sizes, so don’t feel too depressed if you have to jump a few sizes to find a shirt that fits. It’s down to Italians not the extra few pints you have had behind the wife’s back.

Available via

Photo-shoot – Thanks to our resident photographer Steve Foster we also hope to have a few of the new Macron items photographed whilst being worn by some of our fans and players. This is actually taking place before the game against Thurrock but if you are reading these notes before then and fancy having your mush on the internet please contact me and we will endeavour to find something for you to wear. Ps we are short on ladies so if you feel you could persuade your other halves it would be greatly appreciated by us all.

Off the Bench & Behind the SeasonAs in previous notes we have been restocked with Gordon Bartlett’s book Off the Bench. So as everyone can get their Xmas shopping done early we already have a great deal for you. You are able to buy both Off the Bench and Behind the Season (GB’s season long Diary of 2009-10) for a combined £20 saving you £5. Either pop inside the megastore or buy online.

Available via

Golden Girl – Mim will be available for purchases of Golden Goals just inside the ground for your chance to scoop an extra £50 for the first goal scored.

Bingoing Crazy – The Supporters Club will be running another Bingo session in the next few weeks so please todays programme or the Supporters club website for details. Details via

The Twits –Just so you are aware we to at the Megastore are still on twitter under the name @Wfcmegastore. For all the latest news and product releases feel free to join the growing number of followers. We guarantee not to abuse the FA

Programme Hunters – As you may be aware our resident programme hunter Mr PtC has been resorting our stock of Wealdstone and lesser football programmes such as Watford, Chelsea, Arsenal and England. We are only too pleased to bundle together some deals, so make you selection and hopefully you will like the price you pay.

Just arrived – We can now offer some kind of credit card payment service at home games. With the added number of items we carry in the shop we realise people might want to spend a little more than in previous seasons. So with the aid of Attic we have had an internet connection installed so we can process your plastic and let you retain enough cash for a cheeky beer before or after any game. Just ask in store for details

Goodbye & goodnight – That brings to an end my 9th set of programme notes. Remember the shop will be open all Home games and some away games. Come on you Stones and don’t forget to bring your wallets.

Adam E (aka Stones Throw) & @Wfcmegastore on twitter

On behalf of the Megastore Team

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