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Here is the latest news from the Supporters Club from Supporters Club committee member, Mark Barton. His notes appeared in Saturdays home programme v Bury Town.


Welcome along today as (hopefully) we resume our footballing promotion march after a few set-backs recently with the weather and opposition conspiring to attempt to derail our dream. A warm welcome to today’s visitors from Suffolk we trust you enjoy our hospitality as much as we did earlier in the season in your delightful town. If you can cast your mind back we ran one of our away day coaches there and had time to sample the delights on offer. The Nutshell pub was a must do for those that liked the fact it’s so very small. Apart from our victory there the other abiding memory was that it wasn’t raining – something that seems very weird given the rubbish weather over the past month. Those that have been taking part in the dry-athlon for charity only have a few days to go before they can resume normal business. Welcome back Ginge and Mr Ranos then.

At our AGM a few months ago we were announcing how difficult it is to organise coach travel when the game may be in jeopardy and the cancellation costs have to be paid to the coach company. We also spoke of the guess work we do in trying to get the right size without knowing exactly how many may want to use this service. The upshot of all this is we’re investigating the possibilities of purchasing our own vehicle. In the mean time we hope to run a service to the long, midweek game at Lowestoft. See Jez around the ground or nip into the excellent Megastore for more details. Talking of which, we’re delighted that Terry Hissey has stepped forward to assist Mark and Adam. Terry will draw on his historical knowledge and apply this to the large collection of old programmes that he’s busy cataloguing for us. We are also adding to the WFCSC committee with the very welcome addition of the wonderful Jeanette Dalton. Our Chairman David secured this deal by offering Jeanette the chance to be assistant secretary (we can never have enough at a club like this!) help with the membership which was the task of kit man Rocky/Seth and help with sending out the supporters’ club emails. We’d like to establish a ‘youth wing’ to grow our support amongst the next generation. David is again on the case asking a few of our younger supporters if they’d like to get involved in running this- it’ll be great if this happens.

There are a few things coming up where the supporters’ club will be helping out. Stones aid 5 will hit the social club on 22nd Feb. This is a fund raiser for the team budget so please support this it’s also a really fun night with some of our more musically gifted fans taking to the stage to entertain us. If you’ve been before you know what to expect …if you haven’t then give it a try – it’s a free to get in event –and please tell your friends to come along and witness raw talent live!  

Nothing raw about the burgers we’ll be serving up for the Man City fans using the Vale as their base camp before and after their trip to Wembley on Sunday 2nd March. We’ve honed our catering skills over the past few years and can rustle up a delicious burger using the industrial BBQ we invested in, it  has repaid us back many times since and continues to generate a decent amount with each event. The Gazebo we used last year got damaged and the legs buckled by the high winds we had when we last used it. We’ll be investing in another for all our fun we’ve had with this contraption it does keep the rain off.

Those that like to partake in a sneaky half time drink will be pleased to hear that following the success of the ’half time bottle and pre ordered pint’ scheme we’ve moved to a more central area. The main hall will be open for all Saturday afternoon games before and at half time whether there’s an evening event taking place or not. This was one of the pledges achieved during a recent think tank session with the irrepressible landlord and our assistant manager known as LFM. 

One more date for your social calendar, 27th April will see a Legends match taking place between the mighty Stones (hooray) and our friends (it says here) Watford (boo). More details are available from our committee man (with a foot in both camps) Alan Palmer.

Back to the game today, please buy a Golden Goal from Mim by the entrance with the chance of a not to be sniffed at £50 for the winner.  Here’s hoping for a great performance from the team and three more vital points come 5pm.  

Up The Stones.



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