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Ahead of the Wealdstone FC EGM, the WFCSC committee would like to make their voting intentions known to their members.

The committee met via Zoom earlier in the week to discuss each resolution at length. A sample of club members were also consulted on their thoughts to ensure that our thinking  was in line with others. The vast majority of the committee and those consulted were in favour of all three resolutions and the decision was made to support all three.

Given the statement by the Football Club and importance of these resolutions especially the 1st we would like to provide further details on our thoughts.

At the 2018 AGM, share capital was also raised as a resolution with the aim to increase the share capital from £1M to £1.5M. It was the belief that night that this would not be enough as it did not give the Football Club the breathing room needed to operate for the next few years. That evening WFCSC voted against this resolution for this reason and asked the football club to consider a higher share capital.

The proposed increase from £1.5M to £2.5M, in our opinion, gives the club the needed day to day headroom whilst leaving room for further larger investment should the opportunity arise. Over the last few years, the funds raised through club activities like the Megastore, Golden Goals, Sporting Dinners, BBQ’s etc. have enabled us to become the 2nd highest shareholder in Wealdstone FC. This is something that the committee is immensely proud of.

Should all these extra shares be raised without further investment from WFCSC our shareholding will be diluted. However, we are committed to continuing to raise funds for the main club to keep or improve our shareholding % as it stands today.

This EGM comes at important time for the club ahead of an exciting season back in the topflight of the non-league pyramid for the first time in over 30 years. Stability and balance off the pitch can be just as important as on it and whilst our chances of silverware next season may be less, we are all looking forward to the journey.

WFCSC Committee

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