Predict-a-Score Update

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Thank you to everyone who has entered Predict-a-Score this season.

We have had 97 entrants which provides for great competition and a substantial amount raised to support the Club.

After 7 games Tim Parks leads the way on 11 points just ahead of Tony O’Rourke, Ian Salisbury, and Peter C who are tied in second place on 10 points.

Last seasons Champion, Toby Jackson in currently in joint 16th place but just 4 points behind Tim.

Everyone has at least a point and as we know form previous seasons just a couple of correct predictions can propel you up the Leaderboard.

Our full Leaderboard up to and including our game away to Hartlepool on the 2nd September is below.

Photo credit (header): Jon Taffel

PositionPlayer Points
1Tim Parks11
2Tony O’Rourke10
3Ian Salisbury10
4Peter C10
5Bob DuGard9
6Sammy Ellis9
7Mike Bennett8
8Tom Marshall8
9Chris Woods8
10Kevin McSweeney 18
11Peter Jeffries8
12Laurence Hall8
13Dorset Stones8
14Peter Drew8
15Steven Peters8
16Andrew Lane7
17Peter Worby7
18Guy Edwards 27
19John Mayr7
20Toby Jackson7
22Neil Tobin6
23John H 36
24Kevin McSweeney 26
25Nigel Franklin6
26John Young6
27Mark Fowler6
28Mark Snell6
29Matthew Snell6
30Adam Rowland6
31Bob Bangs6
32Ronnie Raffle6
33Nick Symmons6
34Dexter Hazeldine6
35Stoney Ground6
36Dan Booth5
37Ryan Cross5
38Mike Bennett 25
39Adam Bennett5
40Michael Vincent5
41John H 15
42Adam Edwards5
43Rob Harries5
44Quentin Fox5
45Andreas Pandeli5
46Adam Gloor 25
47Adam Gloor 15
48Syl Allen5
49Martin Allen5
50Tony Burgin 25
51Lance Kent5
52The Linesman5
53Christopher Dickens5
54James Klarfeld5
55Stephen Aves4
56Michael Burns4
57Dave Reader4
58Colin Bunner4
59Doug Robinson4
60Chris Andrews4
61Nick Burleigh4
62Dave Owen4
63Nick DuGard4
64Gerald Jacobs4
65Richard Simons4
66Ron Moore4
67Peter Worby4
68Aidan O’Callaghan3
69Richard Clay3
70Ryan Hazeldine3
71Tom Coulson3
72John H 23
73Daniel Gloor3
74Jay Harrington3
75Rob Saville3
76Richard Worrall3
77Kevin London3
78Tony Burgin 13
79Lucy Raffle3
80Charlie Edwards3
81Pam Pholtanapong3
82Robert Matthews2
83Mat Tarrant2
84David Leigh2
85Jonathan Kingsley2
86Alan Couch2
87Rio Beare2
88Graham Jones2
90Nick Brown 12
91Victor Klarfeld2
92Guy Edwards 11
93Patsy Franklin1
94Nick Brown 21
95John Young 21
96Paul Harvey1
97Ray Corner1

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