We Want Your Unwanted In The Megastore!


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We Want Your Unwanted In The Megastore!

It is that time of year when the season starts drawing to a close and you all start clearing out your draws and cupboards (well your other halves tell you it is about time you threw away some of your tat as you have time on your hands). In a help to push on with the 400:100 fundraiser we can now announce we are happy to starting receiving your unwanted goods in the Megastore, and promise to find them a new home and raise some much needed funds. As throughout the season we receive a number of donations in the form of programmes and books, but we would like to go a little further. In recent weeks we have been given a number of donations in the form of DVD’s and CDs which have already proved very successful and raise a nice sum to help to put towards next seasons budget. The plan is stockpile your unwanted over the next few weeks so that we are able to keep ourselves busy over the summer. Here is a list of things we can make use of, but we will happily consider anything so just message us or come and see us in the Megastore

We will sell any of the following items

DVD’s – TV shows, films or Disney

Ties – Anything from you plain coloured ties to those Disney / Novelty ones hanging at the back of your wardrobe

CD’s – No matter the title we can find a home for it

Vinyl / Records  – Nothing is too old or too small

Replica Shirts – Football, Rugby, Cricket, American Football etc

Football / Rugby Branded Clothing – Tracksuits, Jackets, Scarves

Sporting Programmes – Football, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Stock Car, Tennis, Greyhound

Mobile Phones – Any old phones sitting in your draws at home we can do something with

Posters – Anything from movie posters,  Festival , Theatre poster and more

Hardback Books – Anything will do Fiction or Non-Fiction

Old Electrical Equipment – DVD players, Videos players or printers.

So remember there are thousands of pounds sitting at the back of shelves that we could put to use for the benefit of the club

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