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Building Blocks

Recognising the increasing challenges and expectations that come from competing at Vanarama National League South level, the club’s Board of Directors has been working hard to create a sustainable platform for the club. Practically this means developing internal structures that support improved financial management as well as enhanced fundraising and inward investment strategies.

Over the last few months much has been achieved and considerable work will continue over the coming few weeks, and into the close season. This is likely to result in changes to how the club is structured, funded and run. We will report further on news and developments as they happen.

Strengthening the Board

Following the appointment of Dominic Whyley to the Board at the end of December 2015, to bolster the club’s organisational and planning skills and to provide increased focus on the social club side of the club’s activities, an in-depth review of board composition, leadership structure and performance has been commenced. This is to ensure that the club is able to deliver its long term strategy and vision, in particular to be:

1.       Appropriately equipped and adequately resourced to compete at its current level of football and to sustain its recent development;

2.       Best positioned to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that it faces in today’s competitive world of non-league football;

3.       More able to meet the changing and increasingly diverse needs of its supporters, partners and the wider community.

The Board believes that the risks associated with having a single leadership role performed on a part-time basis without staff or assistance need to be addressed. As a result the Board has made the decision to separate out some of the current responsibilities for the Chairman and create a new role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer will effectively share the leadership of the club, working closely and in partnership to manage the different challenges and promote the success of the club on and off the pitch.

The Chairman is responsible for the leadership of the Board and is pivotal in the creation of the conditions necessary for overall board and individual director effectiveness. The Chairman’s role is also to ensure that the Board as a whole is able to play a full and constructive part in the development of the club’s strategy and overall objectives. The Chairman will represent Wealdstone Football Club with external parties e.g. councils, football authorities, etc.

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for the day to day management of the business and is central to the continued development of the club. The Chief Executive Officer will report to the Chairman and will lead in developing and implementing the club’s strategy, managing the overall operations and resources of the club, and, together with the Chairman, ensure we deliver effective and appropriate communications to staff, supporters and other stakeholders.

Appointment of a Chief Executive Officer

Wealdstone Football Club is pleased to confirm the appointment of Mark Winkworth as Chief Executive Officer. Mark has joined the Board and has taken up his new role with immediate effect.

Mark is leading on three key projects which will deliver positive outcomes for the club within the next few months.

Firstly, together with other Directors, he is in discussion with various third parties who have expressed an interest in providing ongoing support and financial investment to the club.

Secondly, he is working with other directors to develop a more effective operating structure for the club, one that will provide the basis for improved decision-making, greater accountability, and more effective communication.

Thirdly, he is leading a full review of all current operating expenditure, together with an analysis of current and potential income streams. One outcome of this strand of work will be the setting of the playing budget for the 2016/17 season which, it is expected, will be confirmed to team management as soon as possible and by the end of this campaign.

Process to elect a new Chairman

Since Howard Krais announced his intention to step down from his role as Chairman at the end of the season, we have had a number of internal and external expressions of interest in the position of Chairman. The Board are considering the applications received and will make further announcements shortly.

New Commercial Manager

We are delighted to have just concluded the appointment of a new commercial manager. This person will have responsibility for the commercial activities of the club and be the primary contact for all commercial activities.

The appointee will not officially start with us until the end of the summer, although as someone who lives in Harrow and who has always been very involved in local sports clubs, he will be quite active in the role on a voluntary basis in the meantime. Once he has completed negotiations with his current employer over his release date, and once he has had an opportunity to communicate with his existing clients and prospects, we will announce his name.

Until that point, it would help him (and therefore us) if we do not speculate on a name and allow him some time to sensitively deal with his transition from his current employer. He is very keen to get started and is looking forward to meeting everyone across all parts of the club in the near future.

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